Gaudin, Mitchell part of winning team honored for groundwater research

Amelie Gaudin and Jeffrey Mitchell, faculty with the UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences, are part of a team honored for showing growers how wintertime cover crops can improve the soil while having little or no impact on groundwater use.

The team’s research was part of the University of California’s efforts to help growers thrive while complying with state groundwater regulations. Their work was honored with a Distinguished Service Award for Outstanding Team by UC Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Aridity, rather than nitrogen supply, drives water use efficiency in global forests, new study finds

Plants greatly influence our climate. In Northern Africa around 6,000 years ago, variations in weather patterns led to decreased water availability for vast savannas, which, in turn, led to less water restored to the atmosphere through plant transpiration. Due to this negative cycle, what was once a verdant landscape became the Sahara Desert, the largest hot desert on the planet.