Plant Sciences Seminars

Hear from cutting-edge scientists at UC Davis and around the world who are breaking new ground in plant science! Each Wednesday, we present a short program, you can ask questions, and at the end, interact directly with the presenter. Please be COVID-safe during our in-person events at 12:10 p.m. each Wednesday in PES 3001 – and catch the beautiful view from the balcony!

Can’t be on campus? Contact Trina Kleist at tkleist@ucdavis.edu or call (530) 601-6846 to get the Zoom link.

Can’t make the date? Check back here to watch the recording.

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*  = Video only available to Plant Sciences faculty

2022 Spring Seminar Series

Wednesdays, 12:10-1:00 pm, seminars delivered via live stream and in person

  • March 30 | Xiaoxiao Shi and Ella Katz | UC Davis | In-person + live stream | New Paradigms for the Physiology and Genetics of Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Metabolism | Video
  • April 6 | Adrian Dauphinee | SLU Sweden | In-person + live stream | Leveraging chemical genetics to unravel plant autophagy signaling mechanisms | Video
  • April 13 | Jan Graefe | Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops | In-person + live stream | Water flow to randomly distributed and clustered roots - a new analytical approximation method | Video
  • April 20 | Roger Chetelat | UC Davis (High-level Merit) | In-person + live stream | Genetic mechanisms of reproductive barriers in tomato wide crosses | Video *
  • April 27 | Katie Murphy, Saarah Kuzay, Mwaura Livingstone Nganga, Cody Bekkering, Paul Kasemsap | UC Davis | In-person + live stream | Life outside the lab— how immersive opportunities enhance grad school experience
  • May 4 | Troy Magney | UC Davis (Promotion) | In-person + live stream | Plant Optics: Counting Photons to Inform Plant Productivity, Stress, and Resilience | Video *
  • May 11 | Ruthie Angelovici | University of Missouri | Virtual Only | Can Multi-Omics Integration Help Uncover Seed Amino Acid Homoeostasis Regulation?
  • May 18 | Ulli Seibt | UCLA | Virtual Only | Carbon-water coupling in tropical photosynthesis through the lens of carbonyl sulfide
  • May 25 | Mark Lundy | UC Davis (Promotion) | In-person + live stream | From measurement to modeling to management: Improving agronomic efficiency in California small grain crops
  • June 1 | Arnold Bloom | UC Davis (Promotion) | In-person + live stream | The future of food production and quality: Doom and Gloom in the Bloom Zoom Room
  • June 8 | Mary Cadenasso | UC Davis (Promotion) | In-person + live stream | Multi-scale research for understanding cities as co-produced social-ecological systems

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