Russell Fields

Research Facilities

The department has field research facilities near the Davis campus that are used to support our research, teaching and outreach missions.

  • The Plant Sciences Field Station includes nearly 1000 acres of cropland and over 90,000 square feet of laboratory, workspace, storage, and other building space.
  • The 600 acre “vegetable crops” site just west of the Davis campus primarily focuses on small grain, row crop, forages, seed crops, and annual fruit and vegetable crop systems.
  • The nearly 200 acre “pomology” field site, also just west of the campus, focuses on breeding, physiology, and production practices of fruit and nut tree crops.
  • The 175 acre Wolfskill Experimental Orchard is located south of Winters, California, about  15 miles west of Davis.  This location is focused on fruit and nut tree crops, strawberry breeding, and also hosts approximately 75 acres devoted to a USDA-ARS plant germplasm repository.

In addition to the department-managed field research facilities, many researchers in the department conduct research at UC Research and Extension Centers (RECs) located in other regions of the state.  These nine facilities range from north to south in the state and represent important regions and environments where agricultural and natural resource research occurs. Many of our faculty and students collaborate and conduct field research at other research facilities, other University of California and California State University  campuses, or on-site in real-world agricultural or environmental sites. 

On campus, departmental researchers utilize many UC Davis and College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciencesresources and core facilities