students peering through plants in greenhouse

Prospective Students

Why Study Plants?

Because we need them! We need plants for food, shelter, clothes, biofuels and to improve and beautify our environment. When you study plant sciences, you get hands-on experience with the wonderful world of plants and agriculture, experience that can lead to a lucrative, rewarding career and a healthier planet for us all.

Why select a major in our department?

  • The work of plant scientists embraces both agriculture and environmental science, key priorities for research now and in the coming decades.
  • The world needs people who can translate and apply agricultural technology to improve food production, nutrition, marketing, and health in less technically advanced countries.
  • Studying plants helps us understand our impact on the ecosystem, create strategies for feeding a growing population, and even develop new cures for diseases.
  • With the advent of modern biotechnology, plants are being used to clean our land and air and produce industrial products, designer molecules, biopharmaceuticals and energy.
  • Plants are also being used to produce biodegradable plastics, new healthier sugars and anti-cancer drugs.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects faster than average job growth rate (2008-2018).