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What We Do

The Department of Plant Sciences engages in teaching, research and outreach in all aspects of agricultural and environmental plant science. Our programs cover the full spectrum of the land-grant university tradition of scholarship, ranging from fundamental discovery to application of research findings to delivery of research-based knowledge and new technology to end users. Through the integration of basic and applied sciences, our teaching, research and outreach programs are highly effective in training students and addressing theoretical and technological frontiers in plant sciences.

Our Core Disciplines

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Genetics Physiology Ecology Genetics & Physiology Genetics & Ecology Ecology & Physiology Genetics, Physiology, & Ecology

Our Mission

  • Develop students into scholars, mentors, and responsible citizens of California, the United States and the world;
  • Advance, integrate, evaluate and communicate knowledge of plant sciences from lab to field, rangeland, forest, parks, waterways and beyond – using and improving plants to feed, clothe, fuel, restore and beautify the planet;
  • Seek out, anticipate and lead in addressing the agricultural, ecological and environmental needs of industry, governmental agencies, communities and people throughout our world.